Not another CoreXY - New kinematic style for a 3D-Printer

Hi, I am a student in Germany majoring in industrial engineering. In the course of my master thesis I am designing and building a 3D printer.

This is to investigate the applicability of a novel kinematics style, the CoreH-Bot, in a high temperature environment. Basically, this approach is intended to combine the strengths of both the CoreXY and H-Bot kinematics. The mechanism is both fully planar (like the H-Bot) which greatly simplifies its design and assembly phases while increasing part life, and has low unbalanced torques (like a Core XY) during motion, which increases the maximum speed for the given accuracy. See a full article about this style here;

I would like to take up this design and investigate its capabilities in an actively heated build chamber. My goal is to achieve a build space heated up to 100°C to create an environment for high performance polymers like PEKK or PEI. The design should be robust, temperature resistant and at the same time a platform for future modifications and testing. As an example, the implementation of a tool changing system is already in the works. 

Below is a photo of a first CAD conceptual design.

The exact belt path is shown in the next illustration. The closed loop belt is marked in blue and runs exclusively in one plane. The print volume covers an area of approx. 360 x 360 x 600 mm. With its 4 Nema23 motors on the XY axis, the AWD configuration offers enormous potential for high speed applications with large moving masses. At the same time, all drive motors are located outside the build chamber.

The new project in my master thesis should be much closer to an industrial printer, which I am financing myself only through private means. Since PCB-Way's manufacturing capabilities have proven to be a very professional and reliable solution, PCB-Way could help me realize this ambitious project by providing the relatively large sheet metal parts for the main frame. Perhaps we will find out if the CoreH-Bot will be a game changer for the currently established CoreXY 3D printers.

After the completion of my project, I will of course share all the details, CAD models, drawings, wiring lists and the entire technical documentation.

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Mar 05,2024
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