MySwitch (Relay Control IoT)

Hi friend, we are from Cikarang Teknologi from Indonesia, we have made pcb layout to control home electronics using internet. we use the wemos d1 mini as the main control.

below is the pcb layout.

for smd component we use smd 1206 resistor and diode.

friends can also use the plc box enclosure.

for programming you can see on the internet, for example:

I / O information:

D1 <==> RL1

D2 <==> RL2

D3 <==> RL3

D4 <==> RL4

D5 <==> RL5

D6 <==> RL6

D7 <==> RL7

D8 <==> RL8

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Aug 18,2020
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