This MultiDuino is the same form factor as the original Arduino Uno, but has so much more on it!. The design costs less than $15 per board. All of the parts are SMD and in very small packages in order to fit everything on the board, with the exception of the header pins and the ATMEGA328p.

This board has an inbuilt RTC based on the DS3232, and an inbuilt SD card module.

I designed this board because I grew tired of having four boards in my weather station project I was building. Now, the Real Time Clock and the SD card module have been integrated into the main MCU board, meaning I only need a separate BME680!

My hope is that PCBWAY will be able to sponsor the assembly for this prototype so I can test it and hopefully make this a commercially available product with PCBWay's PCB services.

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Sep 10,2022
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