Mold Warning System


Hey there!

My name is Niklas and I am an student from Germany.

So in this project, I expected to create an mold warning system with the help of microcontrollers. With this project, I wanted to protect my summer house before harmful mold. I will explain my project nearer:



Well, I´ve been using an 2 different parts of the system. The first part send via radio signals outside temperature data under using an Arduino to the second part.

The second part recieves it an measures the inside temperature an humidity.

With that data he transfers it to an display and shows the user dangerous or undagerous data.

So next step is to make the whole system smaller and therefore we all have got PCBWAY! Look: The System at present doesnt looks fine. I will show you the difference between the system now and with an PCB. →


The sponsorship would really help me;-)

PCBWay's sponsorship means a lot to me as it would open paradigms for my research potential. I would be thankful to PCBWay if the PCBs are sponsored in the process and would help us in stretching our design limitations and quality of project that are currently imposed upon us due to lack of proper manufacturing infrastructure.

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Mar 30,2018
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