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Modern Retro Gaming Handheld

The name is Miggs and I have been interested in gaming and tech. since I was 3. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to bring this project to the market.


So this is a concept image of the handheld I'm trying to build. It has a modern look and feel to it being made of premium and modern components. It is also relatively cheap and well built for the price. This system here runs on a board that incorporates all the needed and desired capabilities to play classic games. All of this while being powered by the Raspberry Pi 3 Compute module and enough battery life for long smooth gaming sessions. The project will be a very easy DIY kit that retro gamers and hobbyists alike  will be able to assemble very quick and easy.

This project will consist of several replaceable components.

System Board:

Switches for inputs such as the D-Pad, A & B buttons as well as 8 reprogrammable buttons on the side(4 on each side)

Two USB ports: 1 USB Type-C, and the other USB A.

A gold plated headphone jack for flawless audio transmission.

An ELCO connector to connect a Super AMOLED screen. 

An audio amp that enhances the audio output on the speakers as well carries dedicated power to the headphone jack.

A Micro SD card slot to boot the system.

Fast charging and safe shutdown circuitry.

Screen: Samsung 8 inch 4:3 Super Amoled. 1200x800 Res. screen for excellent video quality while keeping minimal latency.

Enclosures will be CNCed from two pieces of metal. These metals include: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Titanium Grade 2. The CAD and G-Code files will be released publicly so users can make their own cases or maybe even improve on the designs.

Plans on bringing this project to the market are simple, cheap, and effective. I plan on making 10 prototypes. I'll temporarily lend 2 of these prototypes to trusty friends and aquaintances that are familiar to games, but not hardcore enthusiasts to give fresh, insightful perspectives to see the appeal and possible  improvemens that the system on the general or casual market. At the same time I'll be sending 7 of these prototypes to Youtubers who live for these types of projects and have a pretty big audience. This list of  Youtubers alongside their subscriber base include: ETA Prime(107K), Luke from Linus Tech Tips(5.6M), ProtoMario(533K), Rerez(145K), Lew from Unbox Therapy(10M),Ashens(1.3M), and Austin Evans(2.9M) They'll be able to provide their large fanbase with reviews and opinions on the this project. I'm certain this will work since they've reviewed products like the BitBoy and other handheld at their own will.This is a very cheap and effective alternative to costly  and innefficient advertisements on websites and public places.

There will be no need for fund raising events such as Kickstarter since production is ready to begin. Buyers and early adopters can be confident that their products will be at their door steps several weeks after the pre-orders are closed.

Whatever PCBway gives to the project they'll get back and more! All the components will be sold at 15% profit. and PCBway will be keeping 16.5% SSSE will keep 16.5% 33% will go to company savings for things such as future projects or back-up funds, the rest will go out to the deveopment community such as the RetroPie Developers that will provide the free software for the system! It's a win, win!

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Apr 20,2018
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