Model Satellite


As METU Göksat Space Team we are planning to participate the 2021 Teknofest Model Satellite Competition held in Turkey.(

This project is a model satellite designed to have 2 components, which are payload and carrier.Carrier will protect the payload which contains the electronic and mechanical parts.

In the course of the competition, the model satellite will reach between 500-700 meters and will be released.It will descend at the rate of 10-14 m/s until an altitude of 400m with a passive landing system.After 400 meters payload will detach from the carrier and complete the landing with a constant velocity between 8-10 m/s using an active landing system.Within this period payload will send a data-package comprised of sensor and telemetry data to the ground station while broadcasting a snapshot, and it will store the same information on itself.Also, a 1 MB video provided by TÜRKSAT will be sent to the satellite from the ground station. 

(Pictures show the printed circuit boards from the side and the top.)

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Feb 10,2021
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