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Matrix Blackbox - IoT Microchip


My name is Kevin Muriithi, from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a self-taught software programmer, electronics engineer and designer. I also hold a degree in computer science. After losing a few laptops, I decided to create a solution to curb electronics theft. Most solutions solving this problem are software based and offer little to no help when one loses a laptop since they are easily formatted or flushed out. The only way out is creating a microchip that can be embedded in any electronic and be independent on its own system. In 2012, I began the Matrix Blackbox project, I have managed to create a one of a kind microchip that can be embedded on to any electronic device. It not only tracks your electronics but is also an advanced IOT (Internet of Things) gadget allowing you to network multiple devices and leverage on its multiple sensors


details 1.jpg

details 2.jpg

details 3.jpg

details 4.jpg

details 5.jpg

Technical Details

details 6.jpg

details 7.jpg

details 8.jpg

details 9.jpg

details 10.jpg


The project has grown beyond tracking and now is being used to create home automation systems that need IoT ready microchips. Moreover tracking capability has grown beyond laptops and had now multiple application in Home electronics such as TVs, home theatres, motorbikes vehicles, and cargo transport.


### Words to PCBWay

The project design and development is done. Having tested out the prototypes (over 500 units) I have come to a conclusion the project is ready for commercialization. I need help with developing Gerber files and BOM and securing a line of mass production as orders have been streaming in and cannot fulfill without these.

For more information about the Project visit www.matrixblackbox.com or write to me at info@marixblackbox.com.

Thank you for your time and assistance

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Dec 31,2017
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