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The MACH3_CONTROLLER_ESP_p_DIS project is an advanced controller and interface system designed for precision machining applications, leveraging the power of an ESP32 microcontroller for versatile control and communication. This project aims to provide a robust and flexible control system for a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine using the popular Mach3 software.


1. **SW-SMD Switch (TS-1807R-2026)** - Used as BOOT1 for system startup.

2. **Capacitors (100nF and 1uF)** - C1, C2, C3, C12, C38, and C39 for filtering and stabilization.

3. **Various Capacitors (10uF, 100uF, 220uF)** - Used for different power supply and filtering purposes.

4. **TF-15×15 Card Connector (CARD1)** - Provides a connection interface for specific functions.

5. **Schottky Diodes (SS34BG)** - D1, D2, and D3 for rectification and voltage regulation.

6. **DSUB Connectors (5-AXIS-BLUE and 3-AXIS-BOARD)** - DSUB1 and DSUB2 for external connections.

7. **SMD Fuse (JFC2410-1100FS_C2994706)** - F1 for overcurrent protection.

8. **Connector Terminals (KF301-5.0-2P)** - Used for input and output connections.

9. **Inductor (470uH)** - L1 for filtering and inductance.

10. **LEDs (17-21SUYC/TR8)** - LED1, LED2, and LED3 for status indication.

11. **Transistors (S8050_C2146)** - Q9 and Q10 for various signal control functions.

12. **Resistors (Various Values)** - Used for signal conditioning and voltage division.

13. **OLED Display (SSD1306_128x64)** - U1 for displaying information.

14. **Mini Buck Converter (3A MINI BUCK CONVERTER 1.8V to 12V HW-613)** - U2 for voltage regulation.

15. **Bluetooth Module (HC06)** - U3 for wireless communication.

16. **USB-to-Serial Converter (CH340C)** - U4 for USB connectivity.

17. **Voltage Regulator (LM2596S-12)** - U5 for voltage stabilization.

18. **Logic Buffer (74HC125PW,118)** - U6 for logic-level signal buffering.

19. **ESP32 Microcontroller (ESP32-WROOM-32D)** - U11 as the core processing unit.

20. **Voltage Regulator (AMS1117-3.3)** - U16 and U28 for voltage regulation.

21. **USB Connector (USB-B10-BRW)** - USB3 for USB connection.

22. **DB25 Connector (DB25M_PCB)** - X1 for interfacing with CNC equipment.


1. **CNC Control:** Develop a robust CNC control system compatible with Mach3 software.

2. **Wireless Control:** Integrate Bluetooth communication for wireless control and data transfer.

3. **User Interface:** Implement an OLED display for real-time status monitoring.

4. **Voltage Regulation:** Provide stable voltage levels for various components.

5. **External Connectivity:** Offer multiple connection options through DSUB and USB interfaces.


The MACH3_CONTROLLER_ESP_p_DIS project finds applications in precision machining and CNC systems where high-level control, monitoring, and wireless operation are essential. It serves as a versatile and powerful tool for hobbyists and professionals in the field of CNC machining.

Schematic And Pcb Layout

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Sep 25,2023
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