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Luxury Robot

This robot is completely based on Image processing using Raspberry Pi Controller Board. This Robot will automatically Bring stuffs for you just by listening to your voice commands. This is going to be a great project. The only obstacle I'm facing right now is the expense for this project. It will require almost $174, which for me is impossible to invest because I'm an Engineering Student. I don't get any salary.

It will be great if you sponsor me the required amount. I'm making an article where I'll mention that my project is completely sponsored by pcbway. Apart from that, I'll also mention your page in my Youtube Video as well.

More Details:

So the microcontroller as mentioned before is Raspberry Pi which requires python programming. This Robot can be controlled via smartphone. The robot is having two legs but it's not gonna walk like a normal human being, those legs consists of 3D printed advanced rolling tyres that requires stepper motor to operate. We can move the robot in forward & backward direction, turn it in right or left direction, the arms can also be controlled using the smartphone application. The Robot can grab stuffs and bring it back to you, can press the switch button of light to On/OFF. It will be consisting of a microphone to receive commands from the user. When user gives command such as "Grab me some water", Now these commands will be preinstalled in the processor, so it will work automatically on command without even using the smartphone application. It will also consist a speaker that will be connected to the microphone of the smartphone. So user can also interact with people through this Robot in his own voice(will also try to work on voice changer technique). The head of this robot is designed in such a way that it will hide a camera installed it. The real time footage of the camera will be streamed on the same smartphone application.

The best part of this project is that since we are using image processing, the robot will work automatically over a voice command.

That's all for now. I'll keep you updated with my work once I start doing it, and for that I need your support.

Thanking You.

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Aug 14,2019
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