Line Follower robot kit (SENTINEL mark II: QUEST)

old device: SENTINEL mark I: PSIONIC


Line Follower robot competitions are very often held between students and hobbies. Apart from being the basic material for learning in electronics and microcontroller programming, this type of robot is in great demand because of its cool shape like F1 or also a tamiya toy. This robot can be adjusted through the keypad interface and 128x64 LCD ranging from calibration, algorithms, and other functions.

  • Arduino compatible based on Maple Mini board (STM32F103CBT6)
  • Burn and update firmware via USB-OTG
  • BTS7960 motor driver 2 port + encoder
  • OLED I2C SSD1306 128x64
  • external EEPROM (24LC256)
  • 2 port for mini servo 5V
  • 1 port for extinguisher motor (adjustable voltage using PWM)
  • external serial port (Serial1)

SENTINEL mark II: QUEST. This robot is a development of the previous version, the SENTINEL mark I: PSIONIC (on cover photo). Here I will include a video documentation of the previous version, namely SENTINEL mark I:

Following are the full specifications of the latest version of the SENTINEL mark II: QUEST:

For full Schematic and Gerber you can grab them here.

The part list and OS (Arduino source code) will be uploaded soon on my github

Core + Motor Driver

Power Supply

  • Input : LiPo 3 cell 12.6V
  • 12V : Main motor (left and right) and extinguisher
  • 5V : Servo motor
  • 3.3V : STM32, EEPROM, LCD, sensor


  • Main controller : STM32F103CBT6
  • USB-OTG : burn bootloader, robot OS upgrade (firmware)
  • External Serial1 port : burn bootloader, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.
  • Servo port : gripper (for transporter mode)
  • BOOT jumper :BOOT Configuration Mode to System Memory (burn bootloader) or Flash Memory (bootloader / OS upgrade)
  • Battery voltage sensor

Motor driver

  • Main motor : 12V DC motor right and left (+ additional encoder pin) 
  • Extinguisher : for "Fire Fighter" mode, the voltage can be adjusted by PWM (configuration menu)

LCD + EEPROM + Button

  • LCD : I2C OLED 128x64
  • EEPROM : 24LC256
  • SMD push button


  • 14 multiplexed sensors (7 left and 7 right)
  • Adjustable LED brightness (configuration menu)


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Oct 11,2020
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