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Line Follower Sensor for JLT9 2019 Competition


my name is Muhammad Nendhang, im a student in politeknik kota malang, Indonesia.
im the line follower sensor division in my robotics extraculliculler, i making a design which are very good in reading line in the competition. it has 10 tcrt5000 and really nice looking design


skema sensor.PNG

basically im using the TCRT5000, but with shared pull up resistor.

so the method to get the data is to activate the internal pull up in the microcontroller and read the ADC value

i got pretty decent response from this sensor

sensorium bottom.pngsensorium top.png

those are sensor design. designed in Eagle

we've made one but failed due to the ugliness of the pcb we're made :D

and we were lose when we get into the real competition

this is the photo of one we're DIY made for the JLT8 competition


the competition is Jember Line tracer 8 2018, the track was very hard

this is national competition and attended by as many as 64 student team from all of indonesia with 2 student per team

so basically it was so crowded

i estimated there was 200 student. it was so fun

we are working so hard to win in the next year

due to the lack of money, you can see the pcb was very ugly and very unreliable

that was double layer design in single layer PCB. so you can see the jumper was sooo many

for the eagle files and the gerber, please contact us at instagram @robotika_poltekom

Warning: this sensor has some advanced custom soldering method. please contact us for information

Probe is a community organisation aiming to educate everyone about robotics.

We are teaching robotics in elementary school as an extraculliculer, and in the campus as well. As a community, we are very appreciate any financial help we can. this sensor design will be released to the line follower community in indonesia

thank you for your consideration :)

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Nov 23,2018
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