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This is my led tetrahedron project that I call the Lightahedron. It's a pyramid with a triangle base that has 52 adressable dotstar leds in a 2020 package (SK9822-2020) led's on each of the faces. It also houses an gyroscope&accelerometer module as well as an 18350 cell with the charging circuitry for it.

It's going to run C or Circuitpython firmware to make the animations and gyroscopic controll work (not done yet).

Who I am

I'm a 2nd year Electronical Engineering and Computer Science student at the University of Edinburgh and I like to do fun electronics projects in my spare time, such as this one.

Inside look

The panels are attached to the 3d printed frame using 5x1mm N50 magnets on both the frame and the pcb and then the frame pieces are going to be held together using superglue and then the battery pcb is going to be screwed on using M2 screws to the bottom frame.

The Rgb panels

Each panel uses 52 SK9822-EC20 (2020) adressable RGB Led's (commonly known as DotStar). These led's work over spi to make the panels more responsible. The leds are arranged in a "grid" on a 4 layer pcb to make it easier to route sensibly.

The panels have 3 connections all of which are JST-SH:

  • a 4 pin spi in
  • a 4 pin spi out
  • optional extra power in

The battery/control pcb

This pcb has all of the battery circuitry (TI charging chip, charge gauge, protection ic) and the things needed to make the ESP32-S3-Wroom-1 module work.

With the support from PCBWay I could make the pcb's I need for this project a reality and then this project can become a reality

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Jan 28,2023
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