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Light sensor kit.

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

Hi, im a danish student who spends the most of my freetime doing electronics, programming and engineering. I us my website and new youtube channel to share my projects and help other people learn stuff i am good at.

The reason my website and youtube channel is perfect for advertising your product is because of the daily visitor count on my website of roughly 120 visitors and because of my tutorials where i will recommend your products and give the viewers the gerber files so that they can order a pcb themselfes

The project is for learing electronics, soldering and programming arduinos, and the project is the perfect project for a complete novice or student




### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

My project is a light scale that shows how bright it is by turning leds on and of, this is a great beginners project, to learn how to use a arduino uno and soldering.

The part that you would need:

6 leds

6 510 ohm resistors

1 10k ohm  resistor

1 ldr sensor

1 arduino uno

The project is powered by an arduino uno and a cheap ldr sensor.

once i am completely done developing the project all the files will be relased on youtube and my website

### Words to PCBWay

i hope you will consider too help me make this project much more clean and professional looking and easy to build yourself

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May 07,2018
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