Light Follower for Robotic Education

Hello there, We are Tobotic (Teladan Robotic) part of start-up Micro-Machina Indonesia. We are from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We are robotic division in this start-up, and our mission is to make robotic class for young generation and for elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. We are prepare the curriculum and the lesson so confortable and very well to make sure our children understand with it and to make sure our children can be achive good ability in 4.0 era.

One of our project for education is build a light follower analog system. The robot can follow the movement of the flashlight. it build using analog system without the microcontroller. this project build as simple as possible, that can easy learning for elementary school. The robot consists of 3v battery, dc motor, comparator circuit, and a photodiode sensor. For more detail you can see on the figure below.

The robot electrical part detail you can see on the below :

1) DC Motor x2

2) LM358 x1

3) DC Battery 3-6V

4) Resistor 330 x6, Resistor 1K x 2

5) Variable Resistorr 10K x2

6) LED 5mm x2

7) LDR Sensor x2

The dimension of our robot is 30mm x50 mm This is 3d PCB design of our project you can see on the below.

And the Mechanical Part of the robot we build using 3d printing machine, the 3d full design of our robot you can see on the below.