Kontiki tracker project


I am a 16 yr old electronics hobbyist that is looking for a way to make and sell a product

I kontiki fishing in Port waikato on new zealands west coast we use a seahorse kontiki this one and all other kontikis lack one feature .tracking

Multiple times the kontiki has washed up on to the beach 1km down the beach without use knowing this means that we won't catch fish or worse kontikis have been known to be stolen from this situation as they a $3000+ this product I am devising would also be good just for people to see exactly where the kontiki went out to so if they catch lots of fish they can go back to that the same place next time or simply the line broke and people want to retrieve there kontiki

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

This project is a tracker specifically designed for kontiki it will be waterproof

There will be 2 units

Tx unit:

Goes into the kontiki and transmits the latitude longitude and heading of the kontiki via the sx1278 chip on the 433mhz spectrum at +30dbm 1W so will have a theoretical range of up to 12km and a guaranteed range of 6km all consumer kontikis only go up to 2-3km this goes inside of the kontiki

Rx unit:

This goes on the beach and receives the signal from the tx unit and displays distance from kontiki to beach latitude longitude speed and heading on a lcd display but will also have Bluetooth so on a standard phone you can see where the kontiki is on a satilite map and also see speed heading longitude latitude

### Words to PCBWay

I want the pcbs for prototyping this and if the product ends up working I will order all pcbs from you in the future

For this project I only have a $150 budget so the sponsorship would really help me 

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Oct 16,2017
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