PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

Khad Ecad Team Shell Eco Competition


We are KHAD UMY PROTOTYPE ELECTRIC team, from Universtas Muhammadiyah of Yogyakarta (UMY), Indonesia, We are team that compete in Indonesia Energy Marathon Challenges (KMHE). 

which would be located in Malaysia and have came out with a prototype blueprint for the motor controller. 

Every year, the club takes an internal combustion engine vehicle to the Shell Eco Marathon which would be located in Indonesia to get maximum efficiency of vehicle car. his year,we are hoping to make our first ever electric controller vehicle car !h That'swhy we create our own BRUSHED DC MOTOR CONTROLLER design, with small dimension but high power capability. 


Our motor controller use Arduino as the processor, processing the data from current sensor, voltage sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor. 

During the experiment in our lab and also our experience in past SEM, we found that it is necessary to design the PCB such that it can be easily replace the spoil compartment. Therefore, our PCB consist of two part, which are MOSFET board and the MCU shield


Rated Power: 1 KW

Rated Voltage: 24 V

Dimension: 10*10cm( consist of 2 pcb, Full H-Bridge Motor Driver , and Shield of MCU)

Type of PCB: double layer through hole

Words to PCBWay

The problem is in Indonesia High Quality PCB manufacture are not available for student like us, therefore we need to sent it to PCBWay. We would request PCBWay to sponsor us with PCB Prototyping and be a vital pillar in our journey.

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Jul 01,2019
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