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IoT Systems Using Esp-12

The concept of internet has been accepted since the day it entered human life, but with the technological developments experienced, it has emerged as the internet IoT concept. IoT, which has gained popularity in recent years and is preferred by distinguished researchers.

IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet. It is used to describe objects that interact with each other. In simple terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the tendency to connect all kinds of physical objects to the Internet. The Internet of Things is used in everything from common household appliances such as refrigerators and light bulbs to medical and wearable devices and even smart cities. Specifically, IoT is a system of physical devices that receive and transmit data over wireless networks without human intervention. This is possible by integrating computing devices into objects with the help of sensors.

In this project, a system that can be monitored from outside has been created.For example, you are engaged in agriculture.There will be water pump or electrical components that you need to control remotely.These components have been stabilized by using Esp-12 in order to be a system that can be monitored and intervened remotely.

Endless thanks to PCBway for their unwavering support as always.

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Jun 01,2021
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