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International Robot Competition

Hello, I am Matias and I am the Champion and Sub-Champion in the Nationals Robotics League of Argentina. Every year I use your services to make all the PCBs. But this year, I am making more complex robots to asist to internationals competitions, but unfortunately that has a big cost. I was thinking, as I have a good reputation in all argentinian competitions and there are lot of interested people to the make similar things like me, there are lots of posible potential consumers. So I can use a T-Shirt with your logo in all the competitions I will be playing, also in all the TV interviews and others that usually they make me.


In exchange of some kind of big discount code, or free service so I can used it in the next purchase that i am going to do these day, to have what I need to my robots for this year. That would be of great help to me and I would appreciate it a lot.

I wait for your answer.

Thanks you!

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Aug 05,2019
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