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InfraReady Robotics - RoboCup Junior Open Soccer

We are InfraReady Robotics, a RoboCup Junior Open Soccer team. And we are developing a pair of robots to compete in the international competition in Sydney later this year. These robots have various revisions over last year’s systems, notably the sensors and the control system. We have redesigned our circuit board for our bottom level, our main circuit board and added an adaptor board so existing infrastructure can be reused.

If you are interested we have a website at infrareadyrobotics.com which holds information about our prior years in RoboCup.


Our new bottom circuit board includes 24 phototransistors (model) and LEDs (model) in a circle, this allows the robot to measure the amount of reflected light off the ground at each phototransistor. This allows our robot to figure out where lines are on the field as a white line will reflect a different amount of light compared to green carpet. Ultrasonic data is augmented with data from an optical mouse sensor to allow for positioning while other objects are in front of the ultrasonics.


We redesigned our main circuit board to allow it directly interface with the camera and also to put the main microprocessor on the same board as the buttons, switches and connectors for all systems. The board acts as a hub and a controller and controls the adapter board, the bottom circuit board, the camera, the IMU and ultrasonics.


We have developed a circuit board to adapt the existing motor driver circuit board, this circuit board uses a PCA9685 to control up to 16 PWM channels over I2C. This allows us to reuse our motor driver board from last year as we can control

We have used PCBWay in the past and have been really happy with the quality circuit boards we have received as well as the speed of the manufacturing.

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Mar 25,2019
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