Hello friend, i am from indonesia, ok after a long time i did not share the project, this time i am back again with my new project, introduce my new project which is about a board to learn microcontroller programming which i named IJO-BOT , now the component on a board that I made is mainly a microcontroller ic from the ATMEL manufacturer, namely ATMEGA128, why do I use the Atmega128 chip? because I give a little space to users to be broader to develop their project in terms of more GPIO pins, this is my own experience, I used to learn to use the clone version of the Arduino Uno board just to learn, after a long time later I began to understand how the board works Then I developed a number of small projects to become big, now I started to feel that there was something missing from the Arduino board that used the Atmega328 chip, the drawback was in the GPIO pin section, at that time I was working on projects that required a lot of GPIO pins, so that's why I think how to deal with this problem? I searched for info on google and finally I found a solution, actually there are many solutions to add pins to the Arduino board by adding an external support ic, but I decided to make my own board that has more GPIO pins than the Arduino board, and in my opinion it will be easier I and other users in developing the project, ohh yes, the board that I made also supports programming using the ArduinoIDE application by adding a MEGAcore board which can be downloaded on Google, the following is my sponsor, I hope it will be useful for friends, .. thank you

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Oct 13,2020
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