hello our friends meet again, on this occasion I will introduce a simple tool that is quite interesting for audio amplifier hobbyists, namely a digital VU meter that uses a 16x2 LCD display, a little story, initially I assembled a loudspeaker (power amplifier) ​​and there I need an indicator to make it easier for me to monitor a sound signal that enters a power amplifier that I assembled earlier, generally using a led and that is common to me, then I thought how to make it look a little more interesting compared to using a led? after that I came up with an idea how to make a VU meter using a 16x2 lcd? I think it's more interesting. Hehe then I looked for references on google about VU meter using a 16x2 lcd screen, okay after searching on google I found an interesting site about what I needed, after that I studied it then I understood a little and I started composing the tools, for testing I use a hole board for component placement, what components are needed? The following is a list of the components I use: perforated board, 16x2 lcd, atmega328 ic, resistor,ic 78L05,capacitor, diode. Note: for software I use arduinoIDE because basically I use arduino / atmega328p, okay at the last stage I tried to turn on the tool I assembled earlier and the results are very satisfying, I am very happy because what I hope can be achieved, hopefully this is useful for friends, thank you ...

the image below is an example of my circuit ..

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Oct 28,2020
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