Hyperloop Manchester

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Hyperloop Manchester is a student-led Hyperloop project organization aiming to compete in the Hyperloop competitions organized by SpaceX or other organisations.

The team is founded in 2019 and has currenty around 70 members from different nationalities and backgrounds. Furthermore, the team consists of three main divisions and eight subdivisions.

Hyperloop Manchester aims to participate in the first Hyperloop competition that will be arranged after the COVID-19 situation.

Our Values:

• Diversity – The team consists of around 80 members from multiple nationalities and different backgrounds. Hyperloop Manchester highly believes that the key of the solution to the problems comes from different ideas.

• Teamwork – This is the core of Hyperloop Manchester. Everything in Hyperloop Manchester is done with teams and collaboration.

• Passion – Everyone in Hyperloop Manchester is allocated in their teams according to their interests and passions. Therefore, every member is passionate about their involvement in the team.

• Creativity – Tasks in the team are based on the creative ideas and solutions to improve the aspects of the Hyperloop pod.

• Innovation – The value that essentially depicts the team is “innovation.” The team always aims to implement innovative applications in the designed Hyperloop pod and do research to continuously improve the Hyperloop structure.