Hydrogen Powered Vehicle Project - Hidroana

It is the hydrogen powered vehicle project of Eskişehir Technical University. It was established in 2007 and is a 15-year project. It has a team of all volunteer Engineering students. Our mission is to increase and spread the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source in our country and in the world. Our project is based on the principle of sharing the tasks on the basis of division of labor and working with research and development to put forward the most perfect project. In this way, it is to contribute to the use of hydrogen in daily life and to have a cleaner world. Every year, we participate in two different organizations organized as Shell Eco Marathon Europe and Shell Eco Marathon Turkey, one of the most prestigious student innovation races in the world, organized as Hidroana. We are in the 2nd place in the Efficiency Challenge organized by TÜBİTAK in Turkey. Within the scope of the competition, university students compete to cover the longest distance with the least energy with the energy-saving vehicles they design and produce. Within the scope of the competition, the teams that make the most progress thanks to their creative designs and technical knowledge are rewarded. As the only Turkish team that successfully passed the technical checks and completed the challenging track at Shell Eco Marathon Europe, we managed to cover a distance of 378 km with 1 cubic meter of hydrogen. Within the scope of this success, we left our competitors behind and became the 3rd in Europe.

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Feb 01,2023
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