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Honking Monitoring System


  • In most of the crowded cities, the roads are often jammed by traffic. People going for workplaces or back to home are forced to wait in the traffic in-spite of their busy schedule. At one point, people outburst and start honking their horns in their vehicles to make way.

  • When two or more vehicles starts honking on the same time, the sound amplifies and causes NOISE POLLUTION.


  • The proposed system will monitor the number horns blown by the driver while the engine is ON.
  • On a annual basis, the driver will be penalized if the number of honks exceeds a limit (say 3000/year).
  • For indication, a LCD display - which displays the number of honks, a LED - which changes color when the degree of violation increases.
  • (Calculated as annual because every vehicle has to update their insurance yearly)


  • The MCU used for this device is ATMEGA328-PU. Burned with Arduino Uno and written with Arduino IDE. A crystal circuit is used for the standalone purpose.
  • As for the prototype, the HORN button is placed inside the board. Every time the horn is presses, the number of counts increases.
  • For displaying purpose, a LCD 16x2 display and a 4-pin LED is placed. The LCD display gives us number of times the horn is blown (count) and penalty.
  • The penalty is calculated on the basics of i) how long the horn is blown for a single time (say if blown for more than 1.5 seconds, the penalty will increment) ii) The time interval between the honks (say if blown consecutively 5 times within a second, the penalty will increment ). These time based monitoring is configured inside the code snippet.
  • Overall, whenever the horn is blown by the driver, it will be check for any penalty and the above algorithm is followed.


  • A 512KB EEPROM is used in the circuit to keep the values of count and penalty even if the device is turned off. Such that the memory will not be erased when the vehicle is turned OFF.
  • A push button is placed for the reset of the EEPROM, i.e when inspected annually the count value are initialized to ZERO to start a new cycle.
  • Also for the reset of the MCU itself, a Push button is placed.


  • By Installing this device on every vehicle, the drivers will be aware of NOISE POLLUTION and will act accordingly.
  • By implementing this in major cities, the noise pollution level will be reduced.
  • It can also be scaled to cloud services and those data can be accessible by the user and Vendor (e.g BMW, Audi, etc).

Please refer my working prototype below. I tried and solder it on my own.

Fig 1 - Front Side : Honking Monitoring System

Fig 2 - Back Side : Honking Monitoring System

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Jul 13,2020
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