Home made alexa!

I am going to make a video in youtube about homemade alexa. Alexa is a smart speaker and a virtual assistance.And it is selled by amazon but it cost above 8000.

So i am going to build it within 3500 rupees($45).

It is 5 times larger than original alexa. It has 40+40 watt speakers and 50+50 watt audio amplifier.

This alexa is controlled by raspberry pi 0 w which is a cheapest tiny computer.

For the audio input i am going to use USB mic.And for the audio out put raspberry pi 0 w has no audio jack or audio functionality.

But the raspberry pi 0 w will give analog audio output from the GPIO pins and there is a problem it will give lot of noise so, for that i am going to make a low-pass filter using some resistance and capacitors.So now we have audio input and output functionality.

Now to bring alexa to raspberry pi we need to create a developer account in amazon here https://developer.amazon.com/ .

After that we need to install noobs os in raspberry pi. And then by using some commands we can install alexa in our raspberry pi.

Then we should complete our circuit and for the power i am using 12volt rechargeable battery because our audio amplifier needs 12volt and to power up the pi i am using 12 volt to 5 volt converter.For the notification ring i am using neopixel strip and epoxy resin art kit to make it translucent.

For the enclosure i am going to use 6 inch PVC pipe and for the top and bottom covering lid i am going to use plywood or mdf board.

Now our alexa is ready we can ask anything to alexa.

If pcbway sponsor for me I will tell some lines about PCBway in the youtube.

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Jul 02,2021
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