High power PWM speed control

Kind regards, my name is James and I am an electromechanical engineer, this time I would like to show you my PWM speed control for DC motors.

This controller is designed to be used in motors of up to 1Kw of peak power, with a voltage of 10V to 70V and a maximum current determined by the mosfets to be used.

This controller was developed mainly for the control of high power motors in factories, either for use on a conveyor belt or in any other mechanism that requires maintaining a high power variable voltage, for this project I used a PIC16F1824 as for its manufacturing and operating characteristics made it an ideal candidate for the project.

Regarding programming, what I did was that I implemented a small PWM control in the PIC, which would act as an impeller to switch the input voltage through the mosfets at high frequency and achieve a variable voltage at the output of the fountain.

So far I have only mentioned the first half of the work, the other half is based on the constant feedback of that output voltage to keep it stable at all times, this part is also done by our beloved PIC, which by means of a resistive divider measures the output voltage and converts it to a smaller voltage so that the pic can measure it but with the same relationship so that it can be interpreted in a proper way.

With all the above mentioned, it would only remain to clarify the output filter that this source must have to obtain a decent quality of voltage at the source output, in this case I chose to use an LC filter that by means of a coil and a capacitor will smooth the pulses generated by the mosfets and allow us to obtain a voltage with a minimum ripple.

without more to say I say goodbye and greetings to all.

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May 12,2021
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