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Helios Rocketry - Base11 Space Challenge

Helios Rocketry is Arizona State University's official Base11 Space Challenge Team. The Base11 Space Challenge is a $1 Million Challenge to launch a single-stage, liquid propelled rocket to an altitude of 100 KM. The Base11 Space Challenge is a major international inter-collegiate competition, with many famous universities competing such as University of Michigan, UCLA, and many more.

To learn more about this challenge please visit Base11's official website: https://www.herox.com/spacechallenge .

To learn more about Helios Rocketry, please visit the team website: https://heliosrocketry.com .

Helios's primary reason of taking part in this challenge is to encourage space exploration and development for the present generation and future generations to come. Whether be it during the moon landing in the 1960s to now with SpaceX and Blue Origin making rapid developments towards space travel and colonization, space exploration and development has always been the frontier for innovations in engineering and science. Space exploration creates a feeling of curiosity among people in two ways: space answers the question of how the universe was formed and the intellectual curiosity of how we can push the boundaries in engineering and science. With the advent of space technologies fast approaching, the future workforce will need capable individuals to lead these developments. Helios Rocketry wants to help nurture and develop the talent required for space exploration companies to succeed. By creating a credible workforce for future space endeavors, Helios Rocketry hopes to make space exploration a reality.

Helios's Rocketry main mission is to win the Base11 Space Challenge. By winning this challenge, Helios Rocketry will be the first collegiate team to successfully launch a rocket to space. The Helios rocket uses RP-1 and liquid oxygen as its main propellant. The main plan is for the rocket to be launched to an altitude of 100KM, then a parachute will be deployed for the rocket to safely land within a 5-10 mile radius of the launch site. The PCB's being ordered from PCBWay will be used in the power systems of the rocket for the flight computer, sensors and valves. Helios Rocketry being a college competition team, we will be very grateful for any discounts or sponsorship on current and future orders.

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Jul 11,2020
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