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I'm a student in physics of advanced Thechnologies master degree at university of Turin. I've design a PCB for a projec about  microelectronic exam i'm studing in my master degree carrer and 'd like create that with your support. The project is a simple smart sensor biological that interface with a micocontroller unit which elaborate the information and interfache throuth bluetooth connection with a smartphone. I need create the PCB  with the MCU and only you can help me!!!


This project starts in the 2018 January with the task to build a smart werable device able to “catch” al biological parameter useful for healthcare prevention. We focus our attention on heartbeat (BPM) oxygen saturation (SPO2) and human body temperature paramers. We use a smart integrated sensors for those three parameters and a bluetooth comunication for share data with an aplicationa and obtain continous monitoring. We decid to start a so complex and “futuristic” project like this  because we believe the werable techonologies could help us to improve ours life condition and wellness.So after months of research for building a cool working team we ask ourself: “Why not turn this immaginary and futuristic project into reality and futuristic project?... We can create the future, and the future is now!” .So we start to work on it in collaboration with University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin and INFN, three of the best italian centers in innovation field. 

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Dec 06,2018
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