HürSAT Satellite Hardware

Who We Are

We are a group of engineers designing Satellites for a very popular international competition TEKNOFEST for 2 years. We are one of the everyone's favourite team in the competition and representing Karadeniz Technical University. You can see our work in LinkedIn page.

System Concept

Our satellite designed to take launch in a rocket to be separated in any king of atmosphere of a planet that is investigated. The system after separation, will descend at constant speed (12 m/s) using its versatile parachute in protective shield (satellite capsule) and at predetermined altitude, the payload will also be separated from its protective capsule (container). After that, it runs the brushless engines for smooth descending and during that, it samples various scientific datas (21) from the target planet's atmosphere.

Below there, you can see our whole design for competition:

It has several brushless motorts to descend slowly from the altitude separated from a mid-range rocket. Our satellite has a barometer to measure altitude and temperature, a GNSS system for location, IMU sensor for inertial measurement, live-video stream capability for recording the surface of the target planet and long range communication module for telemetry transfer.

Satellite Control Hardware

To prove our engineering concepts and solution aspects, our team needs an evaluation board. We have designed an evaluation board before our main "Satellite Control Hardware", under PCBWay sponsorsip. The picture below illustrates us our test PCB :

The evaluation board is consists of all Through-Hole components. It will be very flexible to replacing the components in case of any failure. So that, our embedded developers will be able to work on the complete board without worrying about burning them. HürSAT Satellite Team again thanks very much PCBWay for supporting our project.

Here below our main Satellite Control Hardware is on the production lines of PCBWay for SMD version of the evaluation board which will take much longer time to deliver.

Satellite Hardware Specs:

  • 240MHz dual-core MCU (32-bit)
  • 8mb SRAM capacity
  • 802.11.b/g/n WiFi capability
  • Bluetooth interface capability
  • USB interface
  • Micro SD Card interface (SPI)
  • GNSS module with hot-start
  • Advanced IMU sensor (4ms latency)
  • High accuracy barometer for altitude measurements
  • 14-bit 4 channel ADC
  • 4 channel PWM output terminals
  • Servo motor control terminal
  • 5A load switch circuit driven by D-Latch
  • 3.3VDC and 5VDC outputs
  • Buzzer for human interface

Here are the GERBER files of the project. So, everyone can reach and build what we have done! Enjoy

github link

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Aug 24,2021
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