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Grizu-263A | First PocketQube Satellite From Turkey

Grizu-263 Space Team was established in Turkey in 2016 to work space and satellite studies. It was the second place in the world twice at CanSat Competition, first organized by the American Astronautical Society sponsored by NASA. It was once the fourth place in the world. Once TEKNOFEST also held in Turkey Turksat Satellite Competition model we have achieved Turkey Champions. Pocketqube satellite project, one of the smallest satellite standards in the world, has been started with the experiences obtained from this competition.

Grizu-263A | PocketQube Satellite Project

A Pocketqube. Mission analysis of the ADCS system operating status and the efficiency of the power system with data from the IMU sensor. We anticipate that amateurs can work on receiving telemetry data and sending telecoms over this satellite and analyzing doppler effects in this regard. Planning a SpaceX Rideshare launch with Falcon 9 from Cape Canaravel into a 500/600km SSO in December 2020.

Our satellite consists of 4 subsystems. These are EPS, COMM, OBC and PMAC.

OBC subsystems

On-Board Computer Subsystem(OBS) is the system where all satellite subsystems are controlled. Thanks to the pressure, temperature and inertial sensors inside, it provides us to obtain information about the motion and environment of the Space Station. The Electrical Power Subsystem(EPS) has the authority to power off or powercycling the OBC subsystem.

EPS subsystems

The Electric Power Subsystem(EPS) generates the generation, storage, control, regulation and distribution of the electrical power required for the Space Station. In case of unstable operation of other subsystems and no response from subsystems, it undertakes tasks such as power off and powercycling subsystems.

COMM subsystems

The COMM subsystem transmits telemetry data generated by OBC to the ground station. It also provides the commands coming from the ground station to the space station to be processed and sent to the OBC subsystem. Because of reason to in the case of an error in the OBC subsystem, If the communication between the COMM subsystem with the OBC subsystem to be fails, the COMM subsystem generates an error code and informs the EPS subsystem.

PMAC subsystems

Passive magnetic stabilization is a technique used to stabilize small satellites using a combination of strong permanent magnets and hysteresis material. This technique aligns an axis of the spacecraft with the field lines of the Earth magnetic field to allow the satellite to stabilize. After Grizu-263 satellites launched into space to look at the world of satellite antennas it will be aligned with the Earth's magnetic field. Hysteresis rods, angular velocity and will be used for damping oscillations of the satellite.

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