Genesis UTAR Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2019

Good day to the people of PCBWay, my name is Cheah Kar Keong, team manager of Genesis Racing from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman located in Malaysia. Our team is competing for the upcoming Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2019 which would be located in Malaysia and have came out with a prototype blueprint for the motor controller. As seen in the picture above, we already have a running vehicle but the electronics prove to be trickier and somewhat unreliable. Therefore, a new prototype of the motor controller has been designed by the electronics team of Genesis UTAR and it would mean the world to us if PCBWay is able to produce and sponsor us (or even subsidies) the PCB for us.

Our motor controller use Arduino as the processor, processing the data from current sensor, voltage sensor, hall sensor, gate drive PWM and etc. During the experiment in our lab and also our experience in past SEM, we found that it is necessary to design the PCB such that it can be easily replace the spoil compartment. Therefore, our PCB consist of two part, which are MOSFET board and the processor board. The boards are designed in the way such that two boards are interchangeable in case one of the board are spoiled and two boards must plug together in order to make the board functional.

Photo of first prototype

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-26 at 13.01.11.jpeg

Photo of PCB design

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-26 at 13.01.45.jpeg

In the MOSFET board, it consists of 6 MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration, gate resistor, snubber circuit, connectors to battery and motors. In the processor board, it consists of buck convertor, Arduino, voltage divider for voltage feedback, op-amps for current feedback, connector pins to cooling fan, throttle, hall sensor and etc.

The last Shell Eco Marathon held in Singapore during 2018 was a heart wrenching experience as we were able to pass both the technical inspection as well as the safety inspection but electronic failures during the track attempts meant that the car couldnt complete the laps required to record an official attempt. If given another chance, we are confident that we are able to complete the laps, record an official attempt and have a chance at the podium. And if we do, it will be all due to the support of PCBWay in helping us produce our PCB and allowing our dreams to be realised. We know that the attempt of requesting sponsorship might be futile, there are other Universities which are competing who require the same sponsorship but I would like to thank PCBWay from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to have a shot at our dreams. Thank you. 


Yours truly,

Cheah Kar Keong

Team Manager

Genesis UTAR

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Mar 07,2019
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