Garmin G1000

This is a partnership with Opiopan in order to complete a Garmin G1000 simulator that looks like the real deal for flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I and Opiopan quite enjoy the game and this adds another realistic touch to the real deal and has a terrible proof of concept done for it. We intend to make it compatible with a Raspberry Pi to drive the electronics and communicate with a computer system which should reduce the strain on a Computer's GPU.

Our proof-of-concept (as shown below) is actually quite good and looks pretty good even being a prototype. It functions *exactly* as G1000 and has the same functionalities and works in-game at the moment. It has 9 knobs (not all of them are the same) and 32 buttons. The case is FDM printed while the buttons are resin printed. The entire system is functional but like all projects, it needs to be cleaner :). We would like a sponsorship to make the PCB and buttons/knobs happen and maybe even open-source it!

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Nov 29,2021
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