About the Team

Founded in 2017 and actively continuing its research and development activities for five years, the "GÖKTÜRK KIZILELMA" vehicle continues to work at full speed to participate in the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicles Competition to be held in 2023 with a brand new vehicle. During our five-year adventure, our team has been awarded three prizes: 1 time "Finalist Team" title_, 2 times "Finalist Team and Technical Design" award and 1 time "Finalist Team and Promotion Dissemination" award. One of our main goals is to make these achievements permanent.


Our car has a battery pack with a power of 75.6V 120A/h. We have a battery management system board designed for 18 series battery packs. There are 2 brushless dc motors with 2kW power. There is a 3 phase inverter with 3kW power.

Vehicle Control System

The Vehicle Control System Card is designed to perform the functions of diagnosing faults on the vehicle, in-vehicle communication system (CAN-BUS), monitoring the vehicle status and transmitting it to the user, transferring vehicle data to the monitoring center.

STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller of ST brand is used as microcontroller in the system architecture. Auxiliary to this, ST's STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller was used to program the microcontroller via USB as a bootloader.

Battery Management System

The Battery Management System is designed to monitor the charging and discharging moments of the vehicle's battery, regulate the battery status, control the temperature of the battery cells, the total current drawn from the battery, and the voltage levels on the battery cells to ensure more efficient operation of the battery and the vehicle. In this designed system, battery balancing is carried out through a card called balancing card. The balancing card, where the battery cells are balanced and all battery cell voltage measurements are made, communicates with the telemetry system, motor drivers and all other electronic cards on the vehicle, and all these processes are carried out on the electronic card called the main card. In the system structure, the main board performs voltage measurements, temperature measurements and current measurements of 18 cells with the ADC (Analog Digital Converter) structure via the balancing board. As a result of these measurements, the main card system has provided a balanced use of the battery with the balancing method after interpreting the cell voltage information received through the balancing card.

Support from PCBWay would be an enormous advantage to our team. In order to quickly test our other R&D products on the vehicle, our prototype cards need to be produced quickly and with high quality.

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Jan 14,2023
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