In 2019, a couple of college/university engineering students got together in a garage to embark on the journey to take on the task of creating something the world has never yet seen in home automation, a flawless, cost-efficient, and smart automatic window system installed in homes and businesses under development. As the technological world increases, so must the security and comfort of our homes as well. The AutoWindows team holds these values close to their hearts and much of the business is run off of these ideas. The benefits of an automatic window system are vast and range from assisting the elderly and disabled to smooth communication between the windows smart interface and the user with the assistance of an iOS/Android app installed on the users smart device.

(The original founders review the first script in Arduino)

AutoWindows pays attention to consumer demand, so the engineering team bases their current and future designs off of what others want. The technology that is bought, installed, and even planned for in future designs is all top of the line no matter the cost and the engineering team wouldn't have it any other way.

On September 3, 2020 the AutoWindows team completed their first prototype using a linear actuator system from Progressive Automations. The sole purpose of this prototype was to show the base functions of the AutoWindows system using only one window. The system ran off of a 12VDC power supply and fed into a momentary rocker switch, WiFi control module, and was coupled by a double pole double throw relay (DPDT) connecting to the IP66 linear actuator. Feel free to check out to view the prototype working in action with the momentary rocker switch located on the side of the window and the iOS app WiFi control.

(The original founders standing in front of the first prototype)

(Basic wiring diagram from Progressive Automations used in the first prototype)

The AutoWindows team is back to the drawing board to design their second prototype with a whole new host of bells and whistles (patent included). This is the prototype that will be marketed to small and large window manufacturers as well as a host of investors.

The future is bright for smart home technology and AutoWindows plans to be part of that promising future. AutoWindows welcomes all on this journey to design a more comfortable and safe experience in homes and businesses across the world.

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Jan 04,2021
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