We are a young team of international engineers and developers working on an open source 5x5x5cm pocketqube satellite able to be be programmed from earth.

We have always been passionate about the aerospace sector and are hoping to allow students from all over the world to have access to flight hardware in orbit, opening space participation to the masses.

Our project, as the name implies, is based on a "Free open source software" mentality, allowing anyone to participatein the project. 


The project is based on the arduino ecosystem, therefore being based on an Atmega 328P AU & and an ATMEGA 1284. The satellite's system are divided in the following parts:

Power system: Based on an SPV1040 MPPT IC, it will regulate power from the deployable solar cells and charge the battery.

Beacon: The beacon will transmit basic information & identification about the satellite.

Arduino Paylod: a  programmable payload from earth with a variety of sensors.

Transmitter: The satellite will use a LoRa SX1278 in order to allow anyone to decode the satellite's information with a 20$ LoRa module and an Arduino.

Solar Panels: Our satellite will be the first 1P pocketqube to use deployable solar cells.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 14.58.55.png

The image above is one of the 5 PCB's that will be housed inside the structure of the satellite, a total of 12 exterior PCB's will be needed for housing the solar cells. 

We kindly request your collaboration in this project for the funding of these various boards and systems.

Kind Regards,

The FossaSat Team

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Jul 21,2018
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