FUKURO - Gadjah Mada Wheeled Robosoccer

FUKURO - Gadjah Mada Wheeled Robosoccer Team


We are Fukuro, part of Gadjah Mada Robotic Team (GMRT) divison wheeled robosoccer. We are from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. We are team that compete in Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) especially wheeled robosoccer divison. Our team consist of 17 members, 6 in electrical division, 4 in mechanical divison, 6 as programmer and 1 team manager. In this competition, most of rules used are the same as RoboCup Middle Size League (MSL). Each team must have minimal 1 and maximal 3 robot in one match with maximum dimension 52x52x80 cm. Robot playing in the field measuring 4.8 x 7.2 m. For more details please visit this link.

Electrical Details

  • Minimum System

    1x STM32F411

    1x  NOT Gate IC 74LS04

    2x  AND Gate IC 74HC08

    Support 5V logic input rotary encoder (level converter included)



  • Driver Motor

3x H-Bridge Driver Motor

2x Half Bridge Driver Motor

Max Voltages : 45V

Max Current   : 20A


  • Solenoid Kicker

    Input battery 12V

    Boost converter up to 350V

    5mF/450V Capacitor Bank (1000uF in parallel 5)

    1000 turn solenoid

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Oct 23,2017
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