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Hackerspace Adelaide is a community group that meet in three locations in Adelaide to work on projects. Projects are often electronic and software based but also include mechanical projects.  Hackerspace Adelaide also have a large Face book group of almost 1000 members who discuss ideas about suppliers, projects and interesting articles. One group meet every Tuesday in Flinders University Digital Fabrication Laboratory and this group attracts a lot of students.

The Adelaide Makerfaire is run at the Flinders University site where Hackerspace meets. Flinders University has generously allowed Hackerspace Adelaide to use their facilities at Makerfaire and has given Hackerspace Adelaide a small budget to purchase parts for the FHTbot robot.

Last year Makerfaire had around 5000 attendees and this year they are expecting around 8000. 

There is expected to be around 8000 makers attending the 2016 Adelaide Maker Faire. We will happily hang some posters that you supply on the day of the event.

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An open source robot called a FHTbot is being developed by Adeliade Hackerspace (//hackerspace-adelaide.org.au/) and Flinders Univeristy. We are going to give away 120 WiFi controlled robots called FHTbots at the next Makerfaire (https://www.makerfaireadelaide.com/). Attendees will assemble the robots, program them and then control them with their phones. The participants will then be given a challenge where they can remote control their robot or program it to perform a task. They will then be able to take them home. 

The robot is being developed to give insight into the Internet of Things, Basic robotics and programming. We are hoping to interest more people into these interesting topics.

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The FHTbot robot is open source and we have made all the files available online. At the moment it is not complete but the online sources will be tidied up when time permits.
The software can be found here: https://github.com/ideaHex/FH_Tbot

The PCB design can be found here: //workspace.circuitmaker.com/Projects/Details/Damian-Kleiss-5/FHTbot

The Mechanical design can be found here: https://myhub.autodesk360.com/ue28fc02f/g/projects/2016073138492151/data/dXJuOmFkc2sud2lwcHJvZDpmcy5mb2xkZXI6Y28uSXl5ZGNXd1BRZy1peU1tR0lqM3VMdw

We have registered the internet domain fhtbot.com and we will bring all the project details onto this site.

The FHTbot robot is based around a Wemos D1 Mini development board that uses an ESP8266 wifi chip. The FHTbot has an Ultrasonic senor, Temperature sensor, Bump sensors and Wheel encoders. As outputs we have two geared notors and 6 RGB programmable LEDs. The chassis of the robot has been laser cut and we are using 3D printed wheels with rubber bands for tyres.

We have kept the price to a bare minimum so that others can duplicate the open source design and have a powerful robot that is very inexpensive.

Above is an early prototype.

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November 08,2016
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