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My name is Bruno I am 18 years old, I currently live in Argentina, Buenos Aires.

I have a few days left to receive an electronic technician in an important school in Buenos Aires.

I am also very fond of sports, I like Futsal, Tennis and water polo. The latter I train to this day, the truth is a little known sport but very fun. I chose electronics since I was a child because I like it too much and it is very fun, also always had the dream of making some contribution or help to society.

Project descript_ion

As I mentioned earlier, my dream is to help or make a contribution to society. Thinking about how I could carry out this dream, it occurred to me to mix the two that I love the most: electronics and water polo. In the club where I train there is not so much budget to buy the electronic boards that the sport requires. So my idea is to make one of these boards (similar to the one in the photo)

from my knowledge that I acquired during these 6 years of electronics. At first I have to do tests to achieve a correct programming and then carry it out in a big way. Next I will leave some photos of the first test plates that I need.

At first I plan to do all the tests on arduino and once it works correctly I plan to take it to another microcontroller.

Words to PCBWay

I met this company through a friend who recommended it to me for its excellent work. I really like what they propose with the sponsors and the truth is something innovative that would serve very well for the Latin American countries, which do not count as much capital to start their project. This is an incredible help so that everyone can pursue their dreams.

On the other hand, I look forward to this great help from the company and I look forward to your help to carry out this project. From now many thanks and greetings!

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Nov 06,2021
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