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Formula Student - FSAE

It is a competition where students of engineering from all over the world compete in the design, development, building and driving a single-seater competition car. It is an educational project that allows the engineering students to be part of a real professional experience. Formula Student represents a higher level master degree in the automotive sector.

Formula Student promotes the academic excellence of engineering because it covers all aspects of the automotive industry, including the investigation, design, building, testing, developing, commercializing, administration and finances. This competition allows the students to use their knowledge in real experience. They are putting this knowledge, that they have been learning for many years, into practice, and also at the same time they are learning from what they are doing.

EUSS MotorSport: The Team

EUSS MotorSport was founded in 2017 on the grounds of building a team that would share unique experiences in order to fulfill its purpose: train future engineers. Based in Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià, in Barcelona, Spain, it was inspired by its university’s slogan, “engineering by doing”, to further its member’s education by creating and developing a combustion formula racecar.   


The team’s motivation and positive working environment is directly reflected in their results. In their first season, EUSS MotorSport participated in the Formula Student Spain competition. That year, it came in second place of the Catalan teams, ninth out of the Spanish ones, and in position thirty-three overall. The following year their results improved significantly as they ended first, fourth and eighteenth, respectively. In addition, they participated in Formula ATA Italy, where they ended in position twenty-eight out of forty three teams.    

For this season their goal is to guarantee their best performance yet as a result of their strong companionship and teamwork efforts. In addition, their aim is surpass their personal accomplishments by challenging themselves in new surroundings. In other words, improve our results through human excellence. 

Our solution: a good design of circuit boards


This board is intended for the control of the vital parts of the car, as the fuel pump, the sparkplugs, the injectors and the lambda sensor. Apart from this vital component the power to the rest of the electronic components will go from this board to make a common point and add safety features to avoid short circuits and voltage level detection. To help track the issues the board will have a series of voltages sensed by a STM32f103C8-Bluepill board and CANBUS capabilities LED in order to have a fast-visual reference of the signals ongoing on the car. The signals generated and received by the uC will not interfere with the functional capabilities of the relays, so if the module fails the functionality of the board is not compromised and only the sensing capability is affected.


The main capability is to be able to sense the current passing through the fuel pump which maximum level goes up to 20 A and can be as low as 1 A in other devices. This board is also driven by STM32f103C8-Bluepill board in order to use the 16-bit ADC (with a precision of 65536 values per signal) and report the data to the CANBUS. As the board has to be able to show different ranges, the operational amplifier has 6 ranges of gain selectable by jumpers to adapt the configuration to detect different current values. 

This board have 2 iterations in order to make a proof of concept and a more compact and evolved revision of the board.


The driver has to be able to activate the data acquisition system and also activate the fan in 3 possible modes, Off, manually and automatic, driven by the engine ECU, be able to see the RPM that will be shown with a LED strip, the temperature of the coolant that will be shown with a 3 7-segments display. The system also has to show a battery warning when the level goes below 10V.

BOARD ComSplit

This board gives the ability to switch between onboard data treatment and transmitting it out with an RF module and the possibility to emulate a full-duplex communication over a half- duplex RF channel allowing to use virtualize the RS232 port of the engine ECU and allowing engine tuning over a distance of 1Km in open spaces. This mode allows to see live in the program TunnerStudio the performance of the engine and manipulate the values of the tables of enrichment of air and gas over RPM as other important options to increase the car performance. 


For more information, we will be happy to welcome you on our website, as well as in our RRSS:@eussmotorsport

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Apr 21,2020
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