Doter - small big dot printer

Hi, I am Nikodem Bartnik. I live in Poland I am 18. I like making things like robots, electronic devices, a little bit of woodworking and 3D printing. You can see all my work here:

What I want to make (and I almost made it) is dot printer that will be able to print on ikea roll of paper that's 60cm wide and 30m long (yes, thats 30 meters). I already print out frame and assembled it. I connect everything on breadboard but now I want to make a shield for arduino to make it cleaner and better. I am using cheap 28byj-48 stepper motors and micro servo. Whole frame is printed with PLA and flex. I also have to aluminium rods. For controling I am writing a C# program to make it easy to print images with it. This project will be shared as open source on instructables and my YT channel. 

I want to ask you if you want to help my project and make for me the shield for it. I already designed everything in egale and I have ready board to make. Thanks!

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Jul 31,2017
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