PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

Development Board ARDUINO AVR

On the board is:

1.DC-DC converter 5 and 3.3V-3A, switched by jumper

2. Linear stabilizer 3.3V-1A

3. COM RS232-TTL level converter. TX, RX.

4. The JTAG ICE 1 debugger.

5.Raspayan module Arduino Nano

6. USBASP programmer.

7.BUZZER-Speaker squeaker

8. Buttons of 8 pieces, 7 + 1 in the encoder, you can pull up to + you can to -.

9.Enkoder with tightening to +.

10. The variable resistor 10K with tightening to +.

11.Vozmozhnost to establish the LCD 1602 display on the basis of the HD44780 controller

with the ability to adjust the contrast.

12. Capability to install TFT display based on ST7735

13. An opportunity to install two three-digit seven-pigment indicators with a common cathode TOT-3361.

14.8-channel bidirectional 3.3 / 5V level converter on the TXS0108E chip.

15. Photo receiver and infrared diode.

16. Memory 24C32

17. Real-time clock DS3231 with battery.

18. Two Digital Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31855.

19. An opportunity to connect the DS18B20 Temperature Sensor.

20. The ability to connect 4 sensors NTC-MF52-10K +/- 5% 3950 103.

21.Zero Crossing Detector with optical isolation in Russian zero detector.

22. Four kaknala for a load of 220 V with optocouplers on the MOC and snubber circuit.

23. Reference Voltage Source (ION) 2.56V to TL431.

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May 26,2019
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