Developed a variable input constant output switching power supply converter

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Brief details for your project:

This project is my final year Honours thesis. I have developed a variable input constant output switching power converter (AC-DC synchronous rectification boost / buck converter) that will be fitted inside a regenerative shock absorber. Due to the small nature of the design (25mm x 25mm) the manufacturing costs are very expensive. I have designed the PCB to fit inside the device in a compact solution.

Details, logs, components and instructions for your project:

The design is 2 PCB’s, each is 4 layers, and due to the small size the design requires the expensive via in pad process. In addition, the design requires edge plating and top/bottom soldering stencil for both PCB’s.

The design specifications are:

25mm x 25mm board size
2 PCB designs, both to be routed out as single pieces.
4 Layers, 0.8mm FR4.
QTY of 5 or 10.
4mil minimum track spacing.
Minimum hole size is 0.15mm
Requires via in pad process (drill via, plate, plug and plate over top)
Red Solder mask
White silkscreen (both top and bottom)
Immersion Gold surface finish
1oz copper

with solder stencil:
framework stencil
370mm x 470mm
Top and Bottom sides of both designs (all together on single stencil is fine)

Shipping to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 5000.

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Nov 08,2016
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