Democritus Racing Team E-XR Evo

Dear Sir/Madam,

my name is Antonios Ntonas and I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Democritus University of Thrace and Democritus Racing Team (DRT) Formula Student Team. We are a university team that participates in international racing competitions with our own racecars. We are based in Xanthi, Greece and we have raced in Italy (2019), the Netherlands (2021) and Croatia (2022).

So far we have been racing in the Combustion Vehicle category, but last year, taking into account the global industries' and the competitions' developments, and due to our passion for constant evolvement, we decided to develop an electric racecar to compete in 2022.

Our first electric racecar competed in Formula Student Alpe Adria 2022 Competition, which took place in Croatia in August. This season we will take part in the Formula Student competitions which will take place in the summer of 2023, for example, Formula Student Netherlands, Formula Student East and many other competitions.

We are determined to improve and set higher goals for our team, and we want to achieve this by building our second-generation electric race car, the DRT E-XR Evo! Your contribution would be crucial to our project. We would love to add PCBWay to our sponsor's list, were you interested in providing us, as a sponsor, with free printing of our PCBs. This sponsorship could help us greatly because PCBs are necessary for our project.

Our team needs a total of 8 different PCB designs, which are necessary for our Tractive System, Safety Shutdown System and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU). These are:

The Charger PCB is used in the charger for our High Voltage Batteries.

The TSAL-Discharge and TSAL-Hoop LED PCBs. The TSAL-Discharge checks if high voltage is present in the car, if yes, it sends a signal to the TSAL-Hoop LED to light up some RED LEDs to warn people nearby to keep a safe distance, if not, it lights up some green LEDs in the TSAL-Hoop LED to let people nearby know that the car is safe.

The DC/DC converter is a converter which drops down 560V from the accumulator to 60V so that it can be used in our low-voltage systems.

The BSPD (Brake System Pausibility device) is a part of the shutdown system of the car, and it consists of a non-programmable circuit that prevents the driver from braking and accelerating at the same time, in order to prevent failures with stuck throttle pedals. 

The VCU, Vehicle Control Unit PCB is a PCB for the microcontroller ATMega 320P which controls the whole car.

The Dashboard PCB receives necessary information like speed and state of charge and displays them to the driver through a small display.

The Racecar Master does safety checks in the system and if it finds an error shuts the car down. It is also necessary for controlling the tractive system.

Our designs will be ready in approximately early December, more specifically around December 7. We only want 3 copies of each PCB (one to use, one as a spare, and one to present to the competition judges), which we will assemble with our own components, on our own. 

Our team relies on sponsorships to achieve its goals. Therefore your contribution would be very important in our continuous and hard efforts to fulfil our goals.

You can check out our site and social media at

Thank you for your time PCBWay!

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Nov 08,2022
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