DIY Arduboy Clone

My name is Hendra, I love embedded Project and also I love retro gaming. One of my favorite handheld console is the Gameboy and two years a go a guy named kevin bates launched a kickstarter product called Arduboy, which you can already tell from its name, it is a gameboy made from Arduino development Board. It also a fully open source console made from oshw dan open source software called Arduino (Duh)


Unfortunately the Arduboy is a bit expensive to me, So I try to made my one with my scattered hardware and my basic soldering skill using a trough Hole PCB and made my first DIY Arduboy


The first Prototype was a success but still there a problem with the power because as seems on the picture above, I use 2 coin cell battery which last only 10-20 Minutes. So I Came with another prototype which use a 1000 mAh lipo battery Instead. And it runs for days in a single charge.

Now I want other people enjoy the excitement that I felt with making their own handheld console by making A PCB which they can solder directly using few components.

I already have two PCB models in Mind one is a vertical 1 Layer mode

arduboy 1 layer.png

and other is two layer Horizontal Mode.

Hopefully PCBWay could help made my cheaper version of DIY Arduboy accessible for other people so they can learn about programming/coding in Hardware, Gaming, and Mikrocontroller

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Feb 27,2018
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