DEFCON Light Up 3, 2, 1 badge.


My name is Joshua McCoy, and I am a 16 year old, high school student, from the United States. I hope to one day become a PCB designer, or to work in cybersecurity. This is my first PCB that I have designed, and I'm hoping to give it out as a PCB badge at Defcon 30, in Las Vegas. I love learning more, and gaining more skills, such as PCB design.


Last year, I attended for my first time, Defcon in Las Vegas. I've wanted to attend for a long time, but last year was the first opportunity that I've had to attend. I really enjoyed it, and fell in love with the art of PCB "badges". (a battery powered PCB hanging from a lanyard.) I was given many of them, and decided that I wanted to learn, and to make my own. I decided to base mine off of a Defcon joke rule, "3, 2, 1 ! (It means, 3 hours of sleep, two meals, and 1 shower! lol)

This is my first PCB that I have designed, so it is pretty simple overall, but I'm proud of the design, and hope to be able to give it out at Defcon, to anyone that wants one, in the way that a lot of people gave me theirs last year. I'm hoping to make around 50 or more of them, so that there is plenty for me to give out.

Link to pick and place file download;

Link to BOM download;

Now, for the images of the PCB!

This is the front, it has the text, and LEDS, and resistors. It will be powered by a CR2032 battery, which will be placed on the back.

The back of the board, which will have the battery placed there.

I hope to be able to distribute it, to anyone at Defcon that would like one, in the same way that many people gave me theirs last year. I also hope, to be able to learn more, after I make this badge, to be able to make more complicated, and cooler badges after this. I think that it will help me gain more experience, and learn PCBS more. Without a sponsorship, it may not be possible for me to afford making, and distributing the amount that I would like to, so it would mean a lot for your help.

Thank you for considering, best regards!



I am able to place your logo, and website information on the outside packaging of the PCB, to promote traffic to you all. I think that this could be a great opportunity for marketing for you all, as they will be given to people that are interested in PCB's, and would be interested in using your services in the future. I think this could be beneficial to both of us.

Thank you for considering this, as it means a lot, to potentially be able to make my PCB badge.

Thank you.

Please contact me, and I can email Gerbers, Pick and Place, and BOM for the board. Thank you

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Jun 09,2022
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