Crampton Board

Hello! I am a 17-year-old student from Uruguay who has just graduated from the technological baccalaureate of robotics and telecommunications. I want to carry out a project of a programmable board. This board is Arduino compatible and has a high capacity as it incorporates an Atmega1284 chip. It has a panel of 25 LEDs and two pushbuttons on the back side. I hope you like the project as I want to do it on a real scale.

It is designed to be used with alligator clips so that children can use it more creatively.

The circuit features the Atmega1284 chip that has 31 digital pins (6 pwm) and 8 analog inputs. The programmer is the CH340C, which loads the program through a micro USB cable. It is compatible with the Arduino IDE so we can program it from there, or with block language so that children can use it.

It has a panel of 24 programmable RGB LEDs to interact with the board and two programmable buttons to perform actions with them.

It also has LEDs to show serial communication and a reset button to restart the program.

Thank you!

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Dec 22,2020
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