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Copper Conscience

Copper Conscience is a unique light installation to be presented at the 2019 Kingston Graphics Weekend, a final major project exhibition for the UK's best Graphic Design degree course. I am working on the project in collaboration with the international designer Sadie Clayton, who works solely using Copper, producing both aesthetically beautiful and conceptually vibrant projects. The concept behind Copper Conscience is to both physically and metaphorically educate the viewer on the science and theory behind the Pineal gland a.k.a The Third Eye. The Third Eye is located in the centre of the human brain, and how we think and feel depends on the state of our Pineal Gland. The gland is stimulated by light, and regulated by melatonin. Visual Stimulation opens The Third Eye. The idea behind Copper Conscience is to have the human brain installation hung from the ceiling, and a suspended light to hang inside it, to symbolise and locate the Pineal Gland. The light will shine through the brain installation when a viewer is sensed nearby, producing beautiful light patterns around its surroundings.

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Mar 28,2019
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