Clean Energy Ship Uvigo

CES UVigo is a spanish association currently formed by students from different faculties of the University of Vigo whose purpose is the design and manufacture of a solar boat.

This vessel consists of a deck with 390 cells that will be responsible for providing the energy needed to charge the batteries. It will also have a system of self-regulation of the foils. For this, the boat has multiple sensors (force, speed, inclination, height...) that will allow to calculate the necessary angle in the foils so that the hull gets out of the water in a stable way. On the other hand, the vessel is equipped with different electronic control and safety systems according to the specifications of the competition.

Our main objective is to compete in the Energy Boat Challenge.


What we need from PCBWay is help in manufacturing the PCBs that make up the various electronic systems of the vessel. As already mentioned, the angle of attack of the foils is self-regulating, so we need to monitor the status of the vessel at all times, for which we have designed different boards that will go in the vessel.

Competition: Energy Boat Challengue.

Under the leadership of its President HSH Prince Albert II, and loyal to a tradition of innovation at the first powerboat meetings held here, the Yacht Club de Monaco is an incubator that supports yachting R&D. This event aims to stimulate the creativity of tomorrow’s engineers and the industry to develop propulsion methods using clean energy.


Instagram: @cesuvigo

Twitter: @cesuvigo


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Dec 30,2022
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