Car-Kará Eletronic 2019

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

    We are a team from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, formed by university students developing a prototype baja off-road participating every year (beginning of the year) of the competition studantil baja SAE Brasil, having one of the best electronics in Brazil. We were in 3rd place overall in our last national competition (2018) and then in 10th overall place in the world stage in the United States of the same year. Our goal is to reach first place in the national (2019) and fifth place in the world (same year).

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

    Our project has four "electronic control units" or only ECU (as we call them) that are responsible for the sensing and data acquisition of the embedded system. As an example, the datalogger, which is responsible for receiving all values from the front and rear ECUs (responsible for the rear and front sensor data) and sending them both to the ECU on the steering wheel and to the telemetry.

    Here are the specifications (quantities and dimensions) of each ECU (4) that we want to build through you.

- Datalogger: Qty 5, 2 layer, 70 x 70 mm

- Dashboard: Qty 5, 2 layer, 85 x 50 mm

- Front ECU: Qty 5, 2 layer, 78 x 56 mm

- Rear ECU: Qty 5, 2 layer, 50 x 60 mm

    The circuit boards were designed in the protheus and tested

on protoboards or on older boards.

### Words to PCBWay

    The proposed project has SMD components and dual layer, in our country few companies work with this type of board, but none with metalized pins making our access to these technologies expensive, so we ask sponsor your organization, so we can stay competitive and then get to the top spot.

Best regards,

J. Alisson

Member of Car-Kará Baja SAE Team

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Sep 27,2018
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