CanSat Hatalom

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

My name is Jakub Suchanek and I am a high school senior in Czech Republic and a member of a team called Hatalom comprised of our school's students. Our team develops a probe simulating a landing on an exoplanet. We will be detecting both life sustaining environment and living microrganisms themselves! Our project takes part in the CanSat competition organized by ESA (European Space Agency), which asks students to develop Coca-Cola can sized satelites simulating possible future missions to other planets. We are currently finalizing the design and hope to start building in a few weeks. This week we have passed national semifanals and are heading to national finals in April.

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

The satellite will be based on standard quadcopter electronics but controlled autonomously by a separate microcontroller also comunicating to a wide array of sensors. We will be measuring atmosferic qualities like gamma radiation, CO2 and O2 concentration, humidity and temperature. After landing we will use a scraper on a servo to retrieve a soil sample and place it into agar bowl to determine local existence of bacterial life (the tiny amount scraped is enouth for colonies to grow). To achieve this we need 6 custom boards - main board with the controller and power routing, outside board with sensors and four arm boards with distance sensors to check that the landing place is level and determine its distance just before landing.






### Words to PCBWay

Thank you for considering our project. I hope your PCB will help us succede in the competition. We are currently pressed by time so we need the PCB to be sent before your vacation starts. Therefore it would be wonderful if you could let us soon enouth.

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Feb 02,2018
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